Marijuana Moon Rocks: What Are They?

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Marijuana Moon Rocks: What Are They?

Marijuana moon rocks are trending heavily in the cannabis scene. But what are they, and what makes them so special?


What are marijuana moon rocks?

Marijuana moon rocks are nuggets of cannabis that are heavily soaked in cannabis oil and also coated in a complete layer of kief. This gives it awesome look that many have compared to moon rocks; hence the name.

Given the nuggets are coated in cannabis oil and keif, the result is an extremely powerful, high-THC experience.


How do you smoke them?

Consume marijuana moon rocks through the same methods as typical cannabis. However, avoid using a grinder; the oil can stick to the teeth of it and make it hard to grind.

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The best thing to do is place a full nug into a bong bowl; or, use a small, sharp knife to cut it into smaller pieces for use in joints or one-hitter pipes.



What makes them different from marijuana caviar?

Marijuana caviar is often cannabis soaked in cannabis oil, but without the addition of kief. There is some caviar that also contains oil and kief; this is very similar, if not identical to marijuana moon rocks.


How do you make them?

Making marijuana moon rocks is actually quite easy.

Here’s are step-by-step instructions:

  • Take a moderate sized nug of cannabis; the denser the better.
  • Using an oil dabber or scrapper, slowly and meticulously coat the entire bud with oil. The oil can also be sprayed on, but it’s more difficult and more likely to result in lost oil.
  • Take the oiled nugget using a tweezer and slowly roll it around in a container of kief; make sure to cover the entire bud so that almost no oil is seen.
  • Let it dry overnight .
  • Enjoy!


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