Justin Bieber Calls Out Drug Companies for Opposing Cannabis Legalization

justin bieberPop culture phenomenon Justin Bieber has called out prescription drug companies for opposing the legalization of cannabis. On Sunday Bieber tweeted “This is important. A friend showed me this”; the comment included a link to a video by ATTN titled Big Pharma is literally paying to block medical marijuana. Biebier finished his tweet by saying that; “I’m going to be talking more about this. We all need to pay attention”.

The video points out that the makers of the drug that killed singer PrinceĀ  (Insys) recently donated $500,000 to the main group opposed to Arizona’s cannabis legalization initiative which is up for vote next month.

The video can be found below:



Bieber has 88.6 million Twitter followers, which is a Guinness Record for most followers on Twitter by a male.

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