Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Clubs Filed in Denver

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Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Clubs Filed in Denver

The Guardian jointAn initiative to legalize cannabis clubs and special cannabis events in Denver, Colorado was filed on Monday by the Denver Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Denver NORML). The group is hoping to place the proposal on this November’s general election ballot.

“Denver residents and visitors alike need places other than private homes to legally and responsibly enjoy legal marijuana with other adults,” says Jordan Person, who serves as Denver NORML’s Executive Director. “This submission to city council is the first step. We’ll get feedback from the city, finalize the language, then start gathering signatures to put it on the ballot”.

If placed on the ballot this November and passed into law by voters, private cannabis social clubs will become legal, as will private events where cannabis can be lawfully consumed.

“The city will be able to license and regulate private marijuana clubs and special events to ensure public health and safety,” Person said. “But we want to be sure that the regulations are reasonable and consumer-friendly.”

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