Incoming Kentucky Governor Supports Medical Cannabis

Incoming Kentucky Governor Supports Medical Cannabis

Republican Matt Bevin, who’s Kentucky’s governor-elect after beating Democrat Jack Conway by a comfortable nine-point margin, is in complete support of legalizing medical cannabis, including establishing a system that allows patients safe access to the medicine.

During a debate on October 25, Bevin said that there is ‘unequivocal medical evidence’ that cannabis has medical value, and that he supports establishing a medical cannabis program which would allow the plant to be ‘prescribed like any other prescription drug.’ Conway, Bevin’s rival and the apparent loser of the race, disagreed, saying that legalizing medical cannabis would make it easier for children to get (an argument science has continually disproven).

Bevin being in support of legalizing medical cannabis is huge news, especially considering that the state’s Speaker of the House, Greb Stumbo, announced his support for medical cannabis legalization last year.


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