In Three Weeks Oregon Will Become the Fourth State with Legal Cannabis

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In Three Weeks Oregon Will Become the Fourth State with Legal Cannabis

flowerWe’re now only three weeks away until July 1st, the day that cannabis possession and cultivation becomes legal in Oregon for those 21 and older. This is thanks to portions of Measure 91, approved by voters last year, taking effect.

As part of the new law, adults will be legally allowed to possess up to half a pound of cannabis (eight ounces) at a private residence, or up to an ounce in public. Those 21 and older will also be allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants for personal use.

Measure 91 also authorizes cannabis retail outlets, though they’re not expected to open until next summer.

According to a recent study, cannabis is likely to be around $140 an ounce once retail outlets are open and operating, by cheaper than the average prices in Colorado and Washington, where an ounce goes for $300 – $400 on average.

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  • ken
    June 10, 2015

    good job oregon law makers , that will stop the washington law makers from becoming the new black markit ,the law makers in washington are sick and greedy for not letting us grow weed .they wanted people from oregon to come hear to, to buy weed to so they could get oregons money to,,so now they are shit out of luck ..

  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2015

    But what about the felony DUI? Sorry. This is new to me so im not sure how oregons legalization holds up to wa’s in terms of penalties of operating machinery/driving w/ thc in thy system.

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