CBD Company Says 7-Eleven Will Be Selling Their Products, 7-Eleven Says No, Not Really

In an odd situation, CBD comany Phoenix Tears sent out a press release recently announcing that by the end of the year 4,500 7-Eleven stores will be selling their product, only to be quickly refuted by 7-Eleven who says that isn’t true.

On Tuesday Phoenix Tears sent out a press release stating that hundreds of 7-Eleven stores will “immediately” begin selling their products, with the number rising to 4,500 by the end of the year. However, Stephanie Shaw, director of communications for 7-Eleven, told HuffPost that the purported deal was false.

“We have made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that,” Shaw said.

Suzanne Mattaboni, a spokeswoman for Phoenix Tears, said the press release may have misstated some details of the deal.  She says the group is trying “to get to the bottom of this.”

“We are excited that 7-Eleven will bring the Phoenix Tears product line to millions of Americans who can benefit from these all-natural, safe, and market-proven health alternative products,” said Janet Rosendahl-Sweeney, founder of Phoenix Tears, in the apparently inaccurate press release. “In addition, this agreement confirms our belief that CBD’s status as a mainstream wellness option has arrived. We’re eager to usher in a new era of effective, holistic, hemp-based supplements that are now as easy to buy as stopping by the local convenience store.”

We’ll update this story as it progresses.

[Update: According to a report by Cannabis Now, the confusion is mostly due to semantics, and  many 7-Elevens are currently selling Phoenix Tears CBD products.]

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    Hey, who wonds 7/11? Mormons perhaps? and you expect 7/11 to be progressive?

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