Global Marijuana March: Working for Change Around the World

This month people all over the world will take to the streets with a common goal – ending marijuana prohibition. This annual showing of global support – known as the Global Marijuana March – helps bring attention to the subject, as well as discredits the idea that marijuana is taboo, proving that people everywhere agree – marijuana prohibition has failed.

As hundreds of cities march together in unison (you can find a full list of all the cities marching by clicking here), activists and supportive citizens alike are given hope that the laws can change, wherever they may be, if they work together towards reform.

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Seattle Hempfest Gears Up For Its 22nd Festival

Seattle Hempfest, for over two decades, has been a beacon of free speech and marijuana activism. Starting as a small get-together in a moderately-sized, quiet Seattle park, and growing into a bustling, at times shoulder-to-shou317448_10151634707656000_1056922597_nlder event that garners hundreds of thousands of visitors, Seattle Hempfest has grown to be one of, if not the absolute biggest free speech event in the world.

Those who’ve attended Seattle Hempfest, understand just how magical it really is. No other place in the world can you enter a festival, which spans over a mile and a half along beautiful waterfront, and find yourself absolutely embraced with marijuana culture. Hundreds of vendors fill two walkways, selling everything from handcrafted paintings and clothing, to marijuana bongs and vaporizers.

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The 10 Biggest Signs That Times Are Changing, and Legalization is Inevitable

If you haven’t noticed, marijuana legalization is a mainstream issue, and the majority of Ame392404_584369398254946_988805260_nricans believe it’s the right path forward. After decades of absurd propaganda, draconian laws, and a public that believes marijuana to be the devil’s weed, it’s increasingly refreshing to see the winds of change take place. In many parts of the country and world, marijuana laws are as harsh as they’ve ever been, but no where is the situation hopeless, and it’s hard to see widespread legalization as anything less than inevitable.

Here’s a list of what we feel to be some of biggest signs that legalization is here to stay, and times are changing.

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Harvard Law School Offers Seminar on “Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers”

As marijuana legalization – whether for medical or recreational purposes – becomes more mainstream, more people are realizing that the conflict between state and federal law is nothing short of a cluHarvardsterfuck, which results in confusing tax issues for those who are distributing marijuana legally under state law – such as medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Harvard professors have started to take note, recently offering a tax seminar that explicitly covered how to handle taxes – specifically obtaining tax deductions – even if you’re running a federally illegal marijuana business.

The seminar was presented yesterday, April 24th, by Professor Benjamin Leff of American University’s Law School. Professor Leff was presenting information from a paper he authored, titled, Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers.

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Medical Marijuana Proving Helpful in Treating Epileptic Children

Medical marijuana may be one of, if not the best medicine for children with epilepsy – though unfortunately studies are few and far between, given its federal illegality. Epilepsy is a severe disorder that leads to potentially hundreds of seizures a day, which often has a permanent effect on the psychological capability and welfare of those who have the disorder – it can also be intensely difficult for the parents, both financially and emotionally.

In a report published today by the Washington Post, a pair of families are examined which have found relief for their children through the use of medical marijuana, in one instance dropping one of the child’s seizure rates from 300-400 seizures a day, down to 0.

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Decriminalization is Good, Legalization is Better

Among those who support marijuana law reform, many advocates support, and are working towards, decriminalizing marijuana – making it no longer a criminal offense, without legalizing its sale, and in many instances maintaining a civil infracti21301_583294891695730_1523063956_non (such as a traffic ticket). Although this is a great starting point, some see it as the endgame. In the public, this is the same; support for decriminalization – such as in this recent poll out of Washington D.C. – is typically 10%-20% higher than support for legalization. The reason isn’t hard to understand – people realize that marijuana isn’t worthy of jail time, and don’t want people’s lives ruined for its usage, but they’re worried about the potential ramifications of legalization (likely because of propaganda), or if they’re advocates of marijuana, maybe they’re worried of a government takeover, or just feel it shouldn’t be so out in the open.

In reality, whether as a consumer or a member of the general public who’s never consumed and never will, decriminalization has no where near the positive benefits of legalization, or a full repeal of cannabis prohibition for adults (including cultivation and sale).

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Happy 4/20!

It’s that time of the year again – April 20th – and cannabis consumers around the world are preparing to c420elebrate. As we enter this holiest of days, us here at TheJointBlog want to send a big HAPPY 4/20 to our readers, and everyone else across the globe!

As you enjoy this day, remember to keep in the back of your mind just how ridiculous it is that this plant that we’re celebrating is illegal, and people continue to be thrown in prison, and have their lives destroyed, for its usage.

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40% of U.S. to Have Decriminalized Marijuana Possession by 2014

Marijuana law reform has become a rapidly growing beast, with consistent movement being made across the globe – especially in the United States. 18 states plus D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, Washington and marij-flag-350wColorado have legalized possession and retail sales (as well as home-cultivation in Colorado), and 30% of the entire nation has decriminalized marijuana possession, making it no longer an arrestable offense.

Decriminalization has shown up in various forms in states that have taken that path, with the underlining element being that they’ve taken the possession of a certain amount of marijuana (typically an ounce or less), and made it no longer a crime. Instead, most of these states have made it a civil infraction – a simple ticketable offense that doesn’t show up on someone’s criminal record, and doesn’t carry the possibility of jail time. The state’s that have taken this path: Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington.

By the end of 2014, judging by current legislative movement, 40% of American states will have decriminalized marijuana possession. Here’s why we think this is.

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Medical Marijuana School Opens in Nevada

Nevada’s first medical marijuana school, the Cannabis Career Institute, has officially opened its doors, and class is underway. According to the school’s website, “The goal of this marijuana school is empower the studeschoolnts by giving them the information they need to succeed in the world of cannabis”, they continue, “Whether they want to start their own medical marijuana delivery service, their own medical marijuana dispensary, their own medical marijuana edibles operation, their own medical marijuana grow-room or even their own medical marijuana school.”

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New Cannabis Price Index Allows Consumers to Compare Rates Online

In the midst of a quickly growing cannabis industry, two entrepreneurs have taken the business of cannabis to a new level; a stock-market style cannabis price index.

Launched in February by creators Joseph Slotin and Matthew Hudson, the new online Cannabis Price Index is comprised of data, such as in-store listings, compiled from legal outlets; right now it’s solely indexbased on medical cannabis sales, although they plan to show recreational prices as well once legal markets are in place. The primary goal is to determine the daily average price (and THC content) of cannabis per gram across the country. Additionally, this site provides a perfect comparison of prices for patients, ranging from the cheapest cannabis available, to the most expensive on the market.

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