Canada Marijuana Stocks Jump 12% in One Day, Now at All-Time High

After a large single-day jump, the Canadian Marijuana Stock Index is now the highest it’s ever been.

Recently we reported that the Canada Marijuana Index rose over 20% in less than three weeks; from 261.74 on March 21, to 319.90 last Friday. At the close of today’s market, the index had one of its largest single-day jumps ever, going from 319.90 to 359.19, a 12.3% increase.

355.97 marks the highest the Canada Marijuana Index has ever been (The Marijuana Index began tracking the market in January of 2015). The previous high was 348.35, which came on November 18 of last year.

In January, 2015, the market began at around 98. The current score of 355.97 marks an over 350% increase in less than 2.5 years. This is due in no small part to the government marching towards legalization.

In the United States the Marijuana Index closed today at 72.70, a slight increase over the close of Friday’s market (71.33). This is, however, considerably lower than the six-month high of 110.64 which came on October 31.

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