5 Surprising Illnesses That Cannabis Oil Can Help With

5 Surprising Illnesses That Cannabis Oil Can Help With

By Aquib R.

The CBD oil market has exploded. A recent report revealed that the market is expected to reach a billion dollars in the next three years. There are so many uses for cannabis oil, including in the medical industry.

Brand new research has revealed that it can help with a surprising number of illnesses. Here are five of the illnesses cannabis oil has an impact on.


Cannabis oil has a huge effect on often deadly cancers like mesothelioma, Survivingmesothelioma.com has a great resource on the disease,  where current treatments can be limited. Andy Ashcraft used cannabis oil to live six years longer than his initial mesothelioma prognosis predicted, and he credits CBD oil for that.

Studies have shown that CBD oil can prevent mesothelioma cancer cells from spreading, while inhibiting the growth of new cells. It has also been shown to manipulates the cancer cells encouraging them to kill themselves.


Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease. But the role of CBD oil has shown to help with the spasms that patients suffer from. The CBD within cannabis oil can also help people protect their brains, which can reduce the number of overall spasms.

This is due to the anti-inflammatory effect that CBD has. It releases something called cytokine to reduce excessive inflammation in a person’s brain.



Epilepsy was one of the first illnesses so be combatted through the use of medical cannabis. It opened up the way to examining how cannabis oil can be used for other illnesses.

In an early study on teenagers with epilepsy, most of the group experienced fewer epileptic seizures. Crucially, certain members of the group stopped having random seizures entirely. In the future, medications derived from cannabis oil could provide a cure for epilepsy.




Anxiety is a serious illness that 40 million Americans suffer from. Severe anxiety can be addressed through CBD oil. The way it works is that it stimulates the serotonin receptors in the brain. When stimulated, these serotonin stores are passed throughout the entire body, thus helping the person to feel less anxious and more relaxed.

There are already hundreds of resources demonstrating the benefits of cannabis oil on anxiety patients.


Heart Disease


Studies on the CBD in cannabis oil discovered that CBD can prevent damage to cells. Specifically, CBD can stop damage to the cells of heart patients. CBD can prevent heart attacks in the future through preventing oxidative stress, inflammation, and reducing the number of dead cells.

By preventing the onset of heart disease, patients are also reducing the chances of brain damage and the other side effects of stroke.

In short, cannabis oil has the potential to save someone’s life.


Last Word – CBD Oil Can Change Your Health

The benefits of cannabis oil are many and even the most complex of illnesses can be addressed through regular usage. Cannabis oil isn’t necessarily the cure for the illness, but by simply managing the symptoms patients can experience a better quality of life and increase their life expectancy.

Do you believe cannabis oil has the potential to be beneficial for patients suffering from the above diseases?

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