Vermont Governor Signs Legislation Adding Glaucoma, Chronic Pain as Medical Cannabis Conditions

vermontVermont Governor Peter Shumlin has signed Senate Bill 0014 into law, expanding the state’s medical cannabis program to include more qualifying conditions.

Under the new law, which goes into full effect on July 1st, those with glaucoma, chronic pain, and patients under hospice care will be allowed to become legal medical cannabis patients, which means they can purchase, possess and use cannabis and cannabis products for medical use if they receive a recommendation from a physician. This has already been the case for those with a variety of conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and severe nausea.

In addition to allowing the above-mentioned conditions to qualify someone to become a legal medical cannabis patient, the new law adds increased labeling requirements – including childproof packaging – to cannabis-infused edibles that are sold at dispensaries.

The text of the new law can be found by clicking here.

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